Query Log Analysis:

Social and Technological Challenges

A workshop at the 16th International World Wide Web Conference
May 8, 2007 - Banff, Alberta, Canada



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Workshop Overview

From deep-web mining to personalized information management, researchers are turning more and more to the vast stream of log data that users generate while looking for information. This workshop will address important implications of this line of investigation. The workshop will center on the issue of finding a safe balance between the gains from studying users’ query and browsing histories and the risks of collecting personal use data.

Our workshop will bring together stakeholders from various disciplines. We will discuss where the state of the art is in learning from web search query logs, where the challenges lie in exchanging information and sharing knowledge, and what policies and practices are needed to ensure a bright future.

The program will begin with presentations by researchers and practitioners who have used query log data to analyze and improve upon search. These will be followed by presentations from privacy and information policy experts commenting on the challenges that such lines of research pose. Lastly, there will be a panel-guided discussion on establishing guidelines for future research.

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Workshop Date: May 8, 2007